Industrial-grade Wall/Arm Mount 19″ LCD Display Monitors

The QES1519-100 Series of Industrial 19 inch Wall-Mount LCD Display Monitors features high-performance, 19-inch Active Matrix Color TFT LCD panels that accept a wide variety of signal formats found in many modern and legacy industrial environments. These rugged premium-quality LCD wall mounts and arm mounts displays are designed for those demanding applications that required a high-quality flat panel wall mount displays capable of sub-VGA through SXGA resolutions.

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For legacy or replacement applications, the QES1519-100 Series 19 inch wall-mount LCD Displays can be configured to accept a wide variety of non-standard 3, 4, and 5-wire sub-VGA formats, both interlaced and progressive-scan, analog RS170-style composite video or TTL EGA or CGA video.
These sturdy LCD wall mounts are intended for use in industrial, manufacturing, financial, transportation applications and other severe environments with a requirement for bright, crisp images and flexible interfaces. If you have a unique requirement, we will customize these products to best fit your specific flat panel wall mount or arm mount display needs.

QES1519-100-Series Series Features

Other Options Include

  • Touch screen
  • Enhanced sunlight readability
  • Front touch controls
  • Vandal shield