8.4″ Dual Rackmount FLIR-compable LCD monitor w/differential video

Dynamic Displays’s sturdy rack mount LCD monitors are used in many military, industrial, manufacturing, and transportation applications and other uses that require bright, crisp images and versatile signal interfaces in severe environments.

MRD1808-402 Dual Rack Mount 8.4″ FLIR-compatible Monochrome LCD monitor with Differential Video Input.  The Dual 8.4″ Ruggedized Monitor is designed to be a Mil Spec Compliant Display used for various Military applications.  If you’re looking for COTS Military Monitors that use FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared Imaging Systems, the MRD1808-402 series Rackmount Military Display is an excellent choice for you.



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Dynamic Displays' rugged MRD1808-402 Dual 8.4" Rack Mount Flat Panel LCD Monitor is designed to be a Mil-Spec Compliant Display for use in a various Military FLIR-compatible applications that require a high quality monochrome LCD Rack Mount monitor capable of accepting RS-170 and RS-343 video formats in a high-noise environment.  If you’re looking for COTS Military Monitors that use FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared Imaging Systems, the MRD1808-402 dual 8.4 inch Rackmount Military Display is an excellent choice for you. This COTS LCD Display monitor features 2 high performance, 8.4 inch Active Matrix Color TFT LCD panels with reliable, high-bright LED backlights and Bonded Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate Glass for Superior Optical Performance and better protection in extreme environments.  The dual 8.4-inch displays are mounted in an sturdy EIA RS-310 C 19" rackmount chassis. These premium displays accept the analog monochrome RS-170 and RS-343 Video input signal format on a single BNC and feature differential input capability for high common mode noise rejection for greatly increased electronic noise immunity and reduced electronic emissions.

MRD1808-402 Series Features

  • Dual 8.4 ” SVGA Color TFT LCD Display
  • 800 x 600 native resolution
  • Solid State LED Backlight
  • High Brightness – 450 Cd/M2 Typical
  • Wide Viewing Angle: 80R/80L – 80U/60L
  • High Contrast – 600:1 Typical
  • Extended Operating Temperature Rating: -30°C to +85°C
  • RS-170 (525 Line) and RS-343 (875-Line) Interlace Formats
  • Differential monochrome Video input for enhanced noise immunity
  • 15.75 to 100 KHz -Specially designed for Slow Scan Signals
  • Composite Video input - BNC
  • Standard VESA Input Timings
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-Outside-Picture (POP)
  • Convenient Front Controls
  • EIA RS310 C – 19” Rack Mount Standard dimensions
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Panel
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis
  • Strengthened Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate
  • Analog RS170 and RS343 video Capable
  • Front Touch-pad controls

Other Options Include

  • High Brightness 1,500 Nits TFT LCD Option
  • Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate option
  • High Brightness TFT LCD Option – 1,500 Nits
  • Wireless Remote Control Option
  • S-Video Option (4 Pin Mini Din)
  • 91 Ohm Video Termination
  • 12VDC, 24VDC or 28VDC Input Voltage
  • 1:1 or 4:3 Aspect Ratio (OSD Selection)
  • Touch Screen: Resistive, Capacitive and SAW Option
  • Front Manual Full Range Brightness and Contrast Control (Dimming)
  • Conformal Coating of Internal Circuit Boards for Enhanced Ruggedization
  • Strengthened Glass Protection Option
  • Resistive and Capacitive Touch Screen Option