15″ Industrial Open Frame LCD mounts in 15” CRT mounting holes

15″ Open Frame Industrial-grade LCD Monitor mounts into original 15” CRT mounting holes

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This high-quality, 15-inch TFT LCD Display comes in an extremely versatile open-frame chassis designed to drop into the mounting holes of the original 15” CRT Monitor and can be used for special mounting applications, especially in kiosk and industrial PC areas. This Industrial-grade Open Frame LCD display has the option of Capacitive, Resistive or SAW touch screen with USB or Serial interface. The QES1515-series 15-inch LCD display also features multi-frequency plug & play capability with options for slow-scan operation at sub-VGA frequencies. This versatility enables this versatile 15” Open Frame Display to interface with a wide variety of video formats, like EGA, CGA, RS-170, RS-343, and many variations of these, for easy replacement for your legacy 15” CRT Monitor. Typical applications for the QES1515-series 15-inch Open Frame LCD display monitors are vending machines, kiosks, arcade games, ATM machines, and any number of commercial and military applications. With all its features, The QES1515-series open-frame LCD display is designed to give the integrators and OEMs a reliable Industrial LCD monitor platform for years to come.

QES1515-000 Series Features

  • 15.0” XGA Color TFT-LCD Display
  • 15.75 to 100 KHz Legacy Timings
  • Strengthen Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate
  • Analog RGB Sync On Green Capable
  • 5 BNC Input (RGB)
  • Internal Ruggedized Construction
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis
  • High Brightness TFT LCD – 250 Nits
  • High Contrast – 500:1 Typical
  • Universal Power Supply with VESA Power Management
  • Specially designed for Slow Scan Signals

Other Options Include

  • Bonded Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate Glass
  • Conformal Coating of Internal Circuit Boards for enhanced ruggedization
  • Manual Dimming Control
  • RCA (NTSC/PAL) and 5 Pin Mini Din (S-video)
  • RS170 - RS343 Video Input
  • Touch Screen: Resistive and Capacitive
  • TTL Input Option for EGA, CGA and MDA Timings
  • Universal Video
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Sun Light Readable
  • High Brightness TFT LCD Option – 1,500 Nits