Industrial-grade fast-scan & slow-scan Rack Mount 20.1″ LCD monitors

In our QES1520-400 Series Industrial rack mount flat-panels, we mount a high performance, high-quality, 20.1 inch LCD display inside a rugged EIA RS-310 C rack mount chassis for industrial-grade 19″ Equipment Rack applications. For standard configurations, these high quality LCD displays operate at modern VGA through XGA resolutions found in most modern industrial control environments, but for older, legacy applications, we can also configure these modern these LCD displays with optional slow-scan capability that allow these LCD displays to accept a wide variety of legacy signal formats such as; the EGA, CGA and MDA TTL computer-generated signals commonly used in older, legacy computer equipments, or the RS170 and RS-343 video signals often used in older military installations.

We have solutions for differential analog and digital video inputs for high-noise environments, ECL and TTL digital operation, composite-sync/composite- video operation in three-wire, four-wire, and five-wire configurations, non interlaced and progressive scan.

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The QES1520-400 Series Industrial rack mount flat-panels is equipped to deliver the bright, crisp images you’d expect in a modern, desktop display, yet is designed for the severe environment found in industrial, manufacturing, and transportation applications.

QES1520-400-Series Series Features

Other Options Include

  • Resistive/capacitive/SAW touch screens
  • Enhanced sunlight readability
  • Front touch controls
  • Vandal shield
  • Anti-glare faceplates