Industrial-grade 10.4″ Open Frame LCD Monitor is 12″ CRT retrofit

10.4″ Open Frame Industrial-grade LCD Monitor drops into 12” CRT mounting holes and operates with many legacy video timings and formats

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The 15KHz through 68Khz operation and multi-frequency plug & play capability means this RGB LCD monitor can interface with a wide variety of video formats for easy replacement of your legacy CRT display. We can also configure these LCD display monitors to operate with TTL video input signals like the old EGA and CGA IMB standards found in older equipment, or the RS-170/RS343 Composite Sync-on-Green formats found in many military and security installations. With contrast ratios of 350:1 and brightness levels of 220 cd/m2, the QES1508 Series color LCD TFT display is an excellent choice for many legacy industrial display needs. Standard features such multi-language on-screen display, DDC1/2B Plug and Play, and wide viewing angle capability making this a versatile LCD display for modern display needs as well. This means we are able to offer customers a high-quality LCD display product to replace old CRT displays in existing legacy industrial controls, with the option for upgrading to a more modern industrial control system at a later date.

QES1510-000 Series Features

  • Open Frame Chassis drops into a 12” CRT mounting holes
  • 10.4 inch SVGA Color TFT LCD Module
  • Brightness TFT LCD – 230 Nits
  • High Contrast – 500:1 Typical
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis
  • Multi-Language On Screen Display
  • Universal Power Supply with VESA Power Management standard
  • Strengthened Glass Protection Option
  • VGA and SVGA Operation standard

Other Options Include

  • TTL Video Input Option for EGA, CGA and MDA
  • Wide 15 to 68KHz multi-Frequency operation
  • Touch Screen Option
  • Universal Video Input Option